Transition Announcement Letter, 10 November 2011

November 10, 2011

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The time has come for me to make a personal announcement concerning a major life change that will affect my day-to-day appearance.  A significant number of you already know of this life event, and I am certain that many others have suspected something was afoot for quite some time.  

For those who suspect nothing, do you remember how I looked when I arrived in Bucharest a year ago?  Compare my State ID badge from the summer of 2010 with my new Embassy badge.  As you can see, there have been some changes.

The announcement is that I am a transgender person who is transitioning from male to female.  The medical profession’s term for this is Gender Identity Disorder.  Simply stated, my psychological gender identity is not and never was in alignment with my physical birth sex, a fact I can attest to from earliest memory.

With support from family and close friends, I began my first steps towards gender transition in my personal life a little over a year ago.  I have been living as a woman outside the workplace since late last winter.  I began working with HR and other offices within the Department of State last spring to make my transition here at the Embassy.  In October I submitted papers in my home state of Maine to change my legal name to Robyn XXXX.  Beginning next Monday, November 14, I will begin living full time as Robyn both inside and outside the Embassy.

Some of you may find this confusing or unusual.  I only ask that you continue to accept me as a part of our community as you have since my arrival in Bucharest.  It goes without saying that I will strive to maintain the same high performance standards that are expected of all of us in the Foreign Service. 
In closing, I am attaching one last photo.  That's my sister Irene on the left, and sitting next to her is my sister Gail.  That's me, Robyn, on the right. With his arms around all of us is my son Matthew, the most wonderful and accepting son that any Mom or Dad could wish for.  I consider the Foreign Service to be my extended family, and I look forward to continued months and years working with you both here in Bucharest and further down the long road.


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